Thursday, March 8, 2012

PeasantMan News


Hello Simple Minded People,

The most sterile Vietnamese in America here with another riveting message for you during billable hours.  When I say sterile, I don't mean in a physical sense, that would be just plain wrong.  I mean sterile in a metaphoric sense.  To all of the young ladies out there, I'm sterile metaphorically.  Physically, two of my boys are prosthetic while the other three are fully operational.  Good 'ol Agent Orange.  Thank you America and your contribution to Vietnam ... but enough with the pleasantries.

For the third year running, PeasantMan has sold out.  On behalf of this entire planet and Uranus, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has signed to support the High Cloud Foundation via PeasantMan.  My original plan of sprinkling holy water on you in T1 will now need to be altered.  Don't thank me.  Thank humanity.  I often go into deep thoughts during billable hours about my greatest failing ... that I'm generous to a fault. Yes, it does hurt sometimes to be this humble.


To meet the higher than expected demand for this event, we have set up the High Cloud  Foundation Community slots ala the Ironman.  Did we steal this idea from the Ironman folks?  Of course not.  How can one possibly steal an idea?  That's like stealing air. 

Anyway, we've open up a limited number of community foundation slots.  These slots are the normal priced slots + $10.  If you want to do PeasantMan this year, sign up quickly or they will be gone.  Once they are gone, they are gone ... kind of like an idea.

The community foundation registration link can be found at  
Also, to see more of the great work that we do locally and globally to help communities in need, please visit our High Cloud Ning Site at: Thanks so much for participating in High Cloud's races and events! It really makes a big difference -- for instance, we just had a mini-5k for the kids in South America and gave them the IronMan and Marathon medals that many people donated. Also in the past month, we successfully established a bakery micro-finance program for single mothers who have been displaced by violence and natural disasters. Very meaningful. Now these women are self-sufficient and can support their kids. So have no doubt that being part of the PeasantMan experience, you are making a huge impact!


Ever wonder what it's like to be a Vietnamese for a day?  No, opening a dry cleaning business just makes you Korean.  No, stuffing money under the mattress just makes you a ghetto Viet Cong.  To be a Vietnamese for a day, just volunteer at PeasantMan. 

Better yet, volunteer your significant other and children.  Don't forget the children!  They are our future, so work their asses off.  You know that they'll send you to the nursing home at their first opportunity.  Worse, they'll want to go to a small private liberal arts college and suck your retirement funds dry.  Instead of fine dining at some fancy smancy restaurant during your retirement years, you'll be fine dinning at the local IHOP with a Vietnamese who thinks he's royalty.  Now is the time to get your licks in. 

Please send our volunteer coordinator, Becky, an email ( if you can help out.  Or better yet, complete this survey to tell her what types of volunteer activity you would be interested in.

Tuan, I'm so generous that it hurts.

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