Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 9: Sunday Bike Ride with the Vertical Swimmer

Star Date:  Week 9

Hello Wonderful People,

I am in such a wonderful mood this morning.  PeasantMan was a blast, but last night my wonderful mail order bride from Vietnam arrived in the U.S. Oh man, what a wonderful feeling it is to be in love.  We've been emailing back and forth for the past several months.  I'm not going to lie to you people, I've salivated over her pics for quite awhile now.  I know that is sounds vain, but she's totally hot.  She's from a little village outside of the majestic city of Hue in the central highlands of Vietnam.  Only the purest and freshest of virgins are from that region of Vietnam.

I know that there are women reading this who are rolling their eyes and crossing their arms at this moment.  They're probably making judgmental side remarks about my method of obtaining a wife, but I don't care.  We're meant of one another.  Nothing can squash the love and joy that are in my heart at this moment.  I want to throw a special thank you out there to Mark Z for helping me pick her up from the airport last night.  I was a nervous wreck and full of emotions.  I doubt that I could have driven very far by myself.

Anyway, here are some pics of my new wife and I enjoying our first moments together.  Life is awesome!!


Ride still starts at 8:00 AM for all the public school educated people who can't remember our starting time for longer than a week.

60 Miles Travilah
R Wisconsin (0.0)
L Resevoir Rd (@~0.5)
R MacArthur Blvd (@~2.1)
R Falls Rd (@~12.6)
L River Rd (@~14.7)
R Travilah Rd (@~19.8)
   turn slight R to stay on Travilah at Turkey Foot intersection (@~22)
L Darnestown Rd (Rte 28) (@~25.2)
L Seneca Rd (Rte 112) (@~30.8)
   becomes River Rd (@~33.6)
stay on River Rd. until the Partnership Rd intersection (@35)
River Rd (112)
R on 190 to stay on River Rd (@~36.5)
R Falls Rd (@~44.5)
L MacArthur Blvd (@~46.5)
L Resevoir Rd (@~57.9)
R Wisconsin (@~58.6)
Home base @59.44


If it doesn't rain, my bride may join the Silver Spring Express Train this Sunday.  Squirrel Nation of Rock Creek ... your tormentor has just double in size.  Let's see you bastard throw a nut at me now.

We will meet at picnic area #10 on Beach Drive at 7:20 AM with a departure time of 7:25 AM. 

Vietnamese x2,

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