Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vertical Nation Rejoice!!

Vertical Nation Rejoice!!!

Vietnamese #1 has a new title to his name.  Instead of riding my moto scooter to Saigon like the rest of the Vietnamese, I chose to ride on top of a water buffalo's ass.  A three hour tour became a 10 year journey, but I have arrived. 

Ten years ago I ran my first marathon ... 4:43. It took me another 3 marathons to crack the 4 hour barrier.  One less clavicle and 3 less testicles later, I have a BQ next to my name! ... 3:14:31.  Women may think that I'm assexual, but I think they don't understand Vietnamese.

What does this all mean?  I don't know!!! I've never been here before.  If I had any testicles left, it would have froze by now.

ok ... as you were.  Back to your pathetic little lives!  You've just lost 20 seconds of your lives reading this and you will never get it back.


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