Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday Bike Ride with the Vertical Swimmer

Star Date:  Week 15

Hello People who contracted a STD from the Potomac last Sunday,

Did you know that Bristol Palin has a memoir?  It's called "Not Afraid of Life."  It's very insightful ... kind of like when Miley Cyrus wrote her book to give out life advice.  That's what I do during billable hours these days.  I read books and memoirs from teenagers so that I can have a more happy life.  That's what my life has become.  When I left the re-education camp in Da Nang to come to America, this was exactly what I had in mind.  It could be worse.  I could be like one of yous.

I just wished that there were something that I could do at work instead of reading memoirs from people that I want to bitch slap.  Facebooking can only take you so far.  Maybe I should knit during billable hours.  What do you folks do while at work?


Clip time is still at 7:00 AM.  I feel that I need to state this every week since we have a lot of people reading this who went to a SEC school.

80 Miler - Darnstown Rail Road Tracks

R Wisconsin Ave (@~0.0)
L Reservoir Rd (@~1.5)
R MacArthur Blvd (@~2.7)
R Falls Rd (@~14.6)
L River Rd (@~16.6)
R Travilah Rd (@~21.7)
L Turkey Foot Rd (@~23.9)
  at Turkey Foot and Jones, straight on Jones (@~25)
L Darnestown Rd (Rte 28) (@~26.6)
R Dickerson Rd (@~39.2)
** turn around at the train tracks or gas station on your right hand side.  They are about 100 yards apart(@~40.5).  The train tracks are above you in the form of a bridge (i.e., not at street level)
Dickerson Rd
L Darnestown Rd (@~41.5)
R Beallsville Rd (Rte 109) (@~44)
R Fisher
quick L W.Willard Rd (@~46.4)
L River Rd (@~50.9)
  at Seneca intersection, R to stay on River (Rte 190) (@~56)
R Falls Rd (@~64.1)
L MacArthur Blvd (@~66.1)
L Reservoir Rd (@~77.5)
R Wisconsin Ave (@~78.4)
Home Base @80-ish

For the folks in my pace group and recommended for other pace groups:
Stop #1:  Gas station at mile 15
Stop #2:  Gas station at turnaround point (mile 40-ish)
Stop #3:  Gas station #1 above mile (64-ish)
Stop #4:  Base camp
More stops if requested along the way.


The Silver Spring express train will meet 6:20 AM at Picnic Area #10.  We'll clip at 6:25 AM. 

What do you call a triathlete squirrel?  A chipmunk.  That's right ... the war with the Squirrel Nation of Rock Creek has gone verbal.

Not a cat lady,

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