Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 14: Sunday Bike Ride with the Vertical Swimmer

Star Date:  Week 14

Hello People who think the Potomac is clean enough to swim in,

*** As a reminder ... we clip at 7:00 AM this week.  We will clip at 7:00 AM for the rest of the season ***

To those who are doing the DC Triathlon this weekend, I would like to give you one bit of advice ... dip yourselves in vinegar before, during, and after the swim.  To those who thinks that the DC Triathlon should revert to a wave start because you miss the body contact ... swim to the turnaround buoy, turnaround, and swim back to the start ramp.  That should give you plenty of action.


This is a ride report from our little excursion to Skyline Drive last weekend.  It's a very beautiful and scenic ride.  You all should head out there and try it out sometime.  The ride went something like this:  We went up a hill, then another hill, then another hill, then we hit little incline, then a little longer incline, then a bigger incline, then the incline stopped and we hit another hill.

The ride back to base was quite spectacular.  The speed and the turns were a bit nerve wrecking.  It was hang onto your aerobars and hope that you had clean underwear on when the ambulance picks you up.  I was just glad that some dumbass squirrel didn't try to make a political statement by trying to cross the road when we were flying down.


I know that a bunch of peeps are doing IMLP.  I'm planning to have Ironman Vietnam be on July 3rd, which is 3 weeks from IMLP.  I'm open to suggestions.  As of right now, the following are on the table:

  1.  120 mile route starting from GTown

  2.  100+-ish route starting from Gtown.  Those who want to go further can meet the Silver Spring Express train at picnic area #10 in Rock Creek.  It's a 16 miles round trip to Gtown so it'll be around 120-ish when it's all said and done

  3.  Getting out of the area and doing something different.  Give me suggestions on route.

  4.  Two 60 mile loops starting from GTown.

If you want to do IM Vietnam with me, regardless if you are planning to do IMLP or not, drop me an email and let me know your preference since you will most likely be pulling me for 120 miles :)


70 Miles - South Glenn
R Wisconsin (0.0)
L Resevoir Rd (@~0.5)
R MacArthur Blvd (@~1.5)
R Falls Rd (Rte 189) (@~12.6)
L S. Glen (@~15.4)
R Glen Mill Rd (@~17.1)
  R to stay on Glen Mill Rd at T(@~18.9)
  R to stay on Glen Mill Rd at T(@~19.8)
L Darnestown Rd. (Rte 28) (@~21.1)
L Beallsville Rd. (Rte 109) (@~36.3)
  becomes Elgin
R Fisher Ave (Rte 107) (@~38.7)
quick L W. Willard Rd.
L River Rd (@~43.2)
  R to stay on River (Rte 190) at Seneca (@~48.2)
R Falls Rd (@~56.1)
L MacArthur Blvd (@~58.3)
L Resevoir Rd (@~69.5)
R Wisconsin Ave (@~70.4)


The Silver Spring Express Train is back to Rock Creek this week.  The war with the Squirrel Nation of Rock Creek continues.  We won't rest until we eat every single one of them.  We will restore honor to Vietnamese people everywhere.

The Silver Spring express train will meet 6:20 AM at Picnic Area #10.  We'll clip at 6:25 AM.

Will not be swimming in the Mekong of the West (Potomac) this weekend,

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